Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amy's Apples

Early this winter, I designed flowers for the Heaton/Botvin wedding at Glen Manor in Portsmouth, RI. Amy Heaton has a fabulous local business: If you are looking for wedding favors that taste delicious, but look even better, be sure to contact her! I have posted a few pictures from her wedding below:
(The photographer is Gwyneth Colleen).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thanks to Snap! Photography

Thanks to Mariah and Trish at Snap! Photography for a very flattering and wonderful episode of Snap! and Chat:!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to Fresh Cuts

My wedding clients have lots of questions about flowers and décor. I thought I would try to address some of the most recent inquiries here…
Please feel free to e-mail me at with any general questions and I’d be happy to post them with a corresponding answer!

What’s new for 2009?
This year I believe the trend is “understated elegance”. Many people are looking for a lovely, fresh and contemporary look but want to be cost conscious. You certainly can’t have a wedding without flowers but if you plan well, you can make a huge statement with a few beautiful arrangements!
A white and green color scheme is popular, as it is not only elegant, but somehow reflects both financial and environmental responsibility. Of course, I love pinks, corals and orange; pink will never go out of style. But if you are completely stumped about what to do for colors in your wedding, consider going green (and white).

Budget Woes
Do you have a limited budget? Prioritize! Choose flowers that are less expensive and seasonally appropriate. When you come to meet with me, try to be as straightforward as possible about your budget. Trust us! At Sayles Livingston Flowers, we are committed to helping you to have tasteful décor within your budget.

Coming to an initial consultation with me.
Clients often ask me how they can prepare for a meeting with a designer. Visual aids are really important. If you have chosen a gown, bring a picture of it. It is also helpful to have a picture of the bridesmaids’ dresses or at least a swatch of the fabric. Speaking of swatches, run into a hardware or paint store and grab a handful of paint swatches of the colors you like. Also, rip, rip, rip pictures from magazines – color, style, size, specific flower varieties – no matter that it’s perfect or exact, I want to see what you like! Do you have favorite flowers? Flowers you really don’t like? Make a list.

Think about the style of the wedding. Are you looking for elegance, modern designs, a beachy feeling, a garden feeling, glamour? Jot down some adjectives to describe the feeling of the event that you wish to convey to your guests. Bring it all in to me and let’s brainstorm!

Green Designs
Many couples are wondering... how can I have a “Green Wedding”?
I believe that your wedding can certainly be an event where you can make eco-conscientious decisions and choices. At Sayles Livingston Flowers we are socially responsible, eco-friendly, and support local growers and industry as much as possible.
I have a few ideas:

  • Buy locally.
  • Linens or ribbons can be made from recycled materials.
  • Containers to hold your flowers can be recycled glass or vintage, collected items.
  • Reuse, repurpose, recycle your flowers:Reuse your flowers by transferring ceremony flowers to the reception. After the event, consider donating your flowers. For a very minimal transportation cost, Sayles Livingston Flowers can collect arrangements and deliver them to people who would enjoy and appreciate them. We have a list of local nursing homes and hospitals that love to have flowers delivered! If nothing else, make arrangements to send them home with your guests. It is very unfortunate to see your flowers end up in a dumpster at the end of the evening…
What should I be asking for? What is a list of common floral and décor needs for a wedding?

Wedding-party flowers
Bride's bouquet
Hair flowers
Throw away bouquet
Bridesmaids’ bouquets
Flower girl's bouquet, kissing ball or a basket of petals
Flower girl’s headpiece
Groom's boutonniere
Groomsmen's boutonnieres
Ring bearer's boutonniere
Mother of the bride's corsage or nosegay
Mother of the groom's corsage or nosegay
Father of the bride's boutonniere
Father of the groom's boutonniere
Grandmothers' corsages
Grandfathers' boutonnieres
Boutonnieres or corsages for readers

Ceremony flowers
Entryway arrangements
Altar arrangements
Archway, trellis or chuppah installed and decorated
Pew or chair arrangements
Aisle petals
Aisle runner
Topiaries or plants to frame a ceremony site

Reception flowers
Entryway arrangements
Place card table décor
Arrangement for gift table
Bar arrangements
Buffet-table arrangements
Food-station arrangements
Arrangement to complement a venue (mantles, side boards, coffee tables, etc.)
Larger, focal arrangements

Other Décor
Place settings
Ribbons to tie napkins
Flowers tucked into napkins
Fabric to drape ceilings or tent poles
Flowers and greenery to decorate tent poles (center or sides)
Lighting or lanterns in ceiling of tent
Trees and plants to accent the inside of a ballroom or tent

And anything you can imagine….